Wardah Beauty Concept
Wardah Beauty Concept
Wardah Beauty Concept

Wardah Signature Beauty is our commitment for years to set out the quality in cosmetics. Not just cosmetics, but a pillar for women to stay beautiful in their characters.


In each process, Wardah cosmetics and skin care products are made using modern and advanced technology under the meticulous supervision of its vastly experienced pharmacist and dermatologist.


Our principles:

  1. Pure and Safe.



    Wardah products are made with only premium all natural, halal and safe ingredients. With Wardah, woman can still feel cherished and comfortable.

    Asian women are blessed with beautiful but more delicate skin, compared to European or American women. The outer dermis is thinner, therefore it becomes more sensitive and susceptible to external factors.

    This merely fact is sufficient to be our foundation that Indonesian women need skin care products with complete and thorough protection.

    Wardah combines advanced technology, international dermatologist standard formula and premium all-natural ingredients. Every process are supervised by our vastly experienced pharmacist and dermatologist

    Before launching a product, it is our responsibility to conduct a blind test to finalize the safety of our products. Because skin safety is a high priority to Wardah.

    Wardah products are soft, perfectly formulated and don’t contain Hydroquinon




  2. Beauty Expert.

    The first image of Wardah as cosmetics for Moslem women is now revamped. It expands to be favored by broader public.

    Wardah believes that being beautiful is universal.

    For years, many Indonesian women, not only the Moslem ones, have chosen Wardah. It creates a context where Wardah always innovates and stays creative to meet every need. From cosmetics with fresh colors to high quality skin care products.

    Wardah Signature Beauty puts Indonesian women on the front page with their unique personalities. Wardah ensures that with every color applied, every powder coated or every shade blended, one woman is being confirmed that she’s a fine lady.


  3. Inspiring Beauty.

    Since 1995, Wardah always believes in beauty that inspires. Indonesian women can be exposed to the world dynamics, but they don’t forget the eastern culture with its courtly behaviour.

    For a Wardah woman, cosmetics aren’t just for body but also for the soul.

    Her beauty makes her love her own self, as much and as deep she loves the people surrounding her. Being beautiful is easy. But an inspiring beauty comes from the heart.

    And for that, Wardah never stops accompanying every Indonesian women.

    Wardah Signature Beauty is a philosophy that runs in our blood. From the beginning of production to our best frontier, Wardah Sales Promotion Staffs.