Frequently Asked Question

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  • After using Exfoliating Scrub, is it still necessary to use Facial Wash with AHA? Are both products have the same function?
    The main function of Exfoliating Scrub is to remove dead skin cells. It can also cleanse the skin from dirt. For weekly treatment, use Facial Wash before Exfoliating Scrub.
  • Can I mix the Brightening Essence Intense with facial mask?
    Yes. You can put some drops of Intense Brightening Essence to a mask paste.
  • What type of SPF contained on Secret White Day Cream and White Secret Tinted Day Cream?
    The White Secret Day Cream and White Secret Tinted Day Cream contain SPF 15.
  • What is Natural AHA? What's the difference with the AHA contained in Lightening Series?
    Natural AHA contents lightening Alpha Hydroxy Acid that works to remove dead skin cells. Natural AHA derived from a natural material, it is less irritant and works better than regular AHA.
  • Is it safe to do facial at beauty center when I use White Secret?
    You can do facial when use the White Secret
  • What the benefits for my skin after using Secret White regularly?
    Your skin will look brighter, cleaner, less black spots, moist and supple.
  • I got acne after using White Secret, is my skin not fit with the product?
    Is your skin oily or acne prone type? If yes, notice carefully this cleansing process. Face should be cleaned regularly and intense (use cleanser and facial wash). In addition, skin with acne should also avoid spicy and greasy foods, and drink plenty of water.
  • Why Facial Wash with AHA White Secret is very liquid and not foaming?
    Facial Wash with AHA is a light and non-soap formula. It does not make skin dry. For cleaner, fresher, smoother and moisted faceskin.
  • Why is exfoliating lotion referred as lotion though the shape is liquid?
    Exfoliating Lotion is a lotion-based with liquid texture formula, not sticky and skin comfort. Very watery texture.
  • Do the Exfoliating Lotion and Face Toner/Face Tonic have the same function?
    Exfoliating Lotion is freshener lotion that works remove dead skin cells (exfoliate) with high levels of Natural AHA. It also functioned to cleanses and to stimulate skin cell rejuvenation.
  • Is the function of Exfoliating Scrub equal to the Facial Scrub?
    Exfoliating Scrub function for exfoliating or removing dead skin cells with its soft scrub and active lightening that will brighten face, cleansing and accelerate skin rejuvenation. Exfoliating Scrub has the same function as peeling cream, yet the texture is different from facial scrub (Exfoliating Scrub based on cream, so it is not a facial cleansing foam).
  • What are the function and the advantage of Intense Brightening Essence? How to use it?
    Intense Brightening Essence is an intensive treatment serum containing concentrated (high levels) of active ingredients Vit B3, Whitening Complex, Natural AHA and Alpha Arbutin which work synergistically to brighten the face by preventing the formation of melanin, to stimulates the rejuvenation of dead skin cells as well as to moisturize and maintain faceskin elasticity. How to use: Intense Brightening Essence is for night use only. Should not be used during daytime as it contains high-level of AHA Natural. Use at night after using Shooting Lotion and before using Night Cream.
  • What is the difference between Tinted Day Cream and Day Cream?
    The difference between Tinted Day Cream and Day Cream is the color of the cream. The color of Day Cream is white, while Tinted Day Cream is beige. As for Tinted Day Cream, you do not need to use any Foundation thereafter to produce evenly, covered and transparent skin tone.
  • Is it necessary to use Sunscreen Gel after using Day Cream White Secret?
    Day Cream / Tinted Day Cream has already contained UV protection. Yet, if your skin needs double protection, you couldl use sunscreen afterwards. Make sure the Day Cream already absorbed before applying sunscreen gel.
  • Could I use foundation and powder after using White Secret Day Cream?
    You may use foundation and powder after using White Secret Day Cream. The texture of White Secret Day Cream is very light and not sticky, skin comfort and blend well with foundation or powder. Make sure the Day Cream already absorbed before applying foundation / powder.
  • If I only bought some product of White Secret (not a complete set), will my skin look brighter? What essential product should I buy?
    To get optimal results, you should use complete set of White Secret. The essential product you must use: Day Cream / Tinted Day Cream, Night Cream, Intense Brightening Essence and Facial Wash with AHA Exfoliating Lotion.
  • My skin is oily, dull and has acne. I want my skin looks brighter. Is it safe for my skin to use White Secret?
    You better solve your acne problem first by using Wardah Acne Series. After your skin free from acne, then you could use the White Secret (do not forget to do a sensitivity test on the back of the ear).
  • I am a newbie. Could I use White Secret to brighten my dull skin?
    White Secret is applicable for all ages and for any skin type. Before you apply White Secret, you must detect earlier whether your faceskin is sensitive or alergic to certain material/s on the White Secret. Do the 24 hour-sensitivity test by applying a small amount of White Secret on the back of your ears. If there is no allergic / sensitive reaction such as hot, red, small pricking pain or itching on the skin, then you could use White Secret by instruction. Within regular use, you will get optimal results.
  • I have very sensitive skin, could I use White Secret?
    Each individual has a different skin sensitivity level. Do the 24 hour-sensitivity test by applying a small amount of White Secret on the back of your ears (morning cream, night cream, serum, exfoliating lotion). If there is no allergic / sensitive reaction such as hot, red, small pricking pain or itching on the skin, then you could use White Secret by instruction. Within regular use, you will get optimal results.
  • I have previously used other lightening product. Now I want to use White Secret. Could I directly use White Secret?
    If you are using prescription lightening product from doctor / clinic that said brighten your face quickly and instantly, you should discontinue using it. Before you use White Secret, your skin must first be neutralized (to remove the prior cream effect). During the neutral period, you could use Intensive Night Cream by night, then use White Secret. Note: during neutra period, your skin will experience a rebound process (faceskin becomes darken as a cause of cream withdrawal; generally doctor prescripted cream contains high level actice susbtance).
  • I recently use Lightening Series. Could I change to use White Secret?
    You could directly use White Secret. But first, do the 24 hour-sensitivity test by applying a small amount of White Secret on the back of your ears. If there is no allergic / sensitive reaction such as hot, red, small pricking pain or itching on the skin, then you could use White Secret by instruction. Note: Each individual has a different skin sensitivity level.
  • Why is so many product from White Secret series? It is unpractical, especially the night product.
    White Secret is formulated with the concept of medical skin care. The variety of product made to accommodate the needs of skin, keeping the skin healthy, bright, supple, moist and not dull.
  • Is White Secret safe for pregnant women and at breastfeeding period?
    Secret White may be applicable for pregnant women, but it is not recommended. White Secret is formulated with high level active ingredients which are safe for cosmetics and registered at FDA of Indonesia. Make sure you only use Wardah product. Do not use Wardah product with other brand product simultaneously. You should check whether the other brand products are safe for pregnant women and at breastfeeding period.
  • Is Secret White applicable for oily skin type?
    Secret White is applicable for all skin types (dry-normal-oily). Especially for oily skin, notice the face cleansing process. If the skin is very oily, when using cream (day cream / tinted day cream / night cream), apply a thin layer to skin evenly.
  • Is Secret White applicable for students / teenager?
    White Secret is specially formulated for intensive facial enlightment and applicable for women aged 18 years and over who wish to perform facial enlightenment treatment.
  • How to use it?
    Morning Daily Treatment: Pure Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash with AHA Day Cream / Tinted Day Cream. Night Daily Treatment: Pure Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash with AHA Exfoliating Lotion, Soothing Lotion (if any pricking), Intense Brightening Essence Night Cream. Morning Weekly Treatment: Pure Brightening Cleanser, Facial Wash with AHA Day Cream / Tinted Day Cream. Night Weekly Treatment: Pure Brightening Facial Wash Cleanser with AHA Exfoliating Lotion, Exfoliating Scrub Soothing Lotion (if any pricking) Intense Brightening Essence Night Cream
  • What is the difference between the White Secret and Lightening Series?
    White Secret ia daily product series specially formulated for more intensive enlightenment and moisturizing skin, it contains more Active Whitening Complex than Lightening Series. The product series offers a medical face care concept that often recommended by skin doctor. One of the item is the exfoliating product with high content of active substance that helps accelerate the process of skin rejuvenation. White Secret is a permium product at a price more expensive than Lightening Series. For maximum results, it is advisable to use a series of White Secret on regular basis.
  • What are the advantages of the product White Secret?
    White Secret contains Multi Lightening Active (Whitening Complex and Natural AHA) that works in synergy brighten and treating skin intensively. White Secret is not only enlightening, but also provides moisture and suppleness, reduces black spots on face, helps flatten face tone and reduce fine lines. There are six benefits of White Secret: Protects skin from the sunlight effect (UV Protection), prevents dark pigment formation (melanin) in skin, reduces dark spots on face, recovering the DNA damaged by UV radiation and pollutants (dust, cigarette smoke), cares skin from auto-oxidation (Antioxidant) and stimulates new skin cells rejuvenation by removing dead skin cells – exfoliation mantains the moisture on face.
  • What product does the White Secret consists of?
    Day Cream (morning moisturizer), Tinted Day Cream (morning moisturizer), Night Cream (night moisturizer), Pure Brightening Cleanser (face cleansing milk), Exfoliating Lotion (freshener / toner), Soothing Lotion (miracle water / liquid for soothing effect) Facial Wash with AHA (facial soap) Exfoliating Scrub (scrubs for weekly use) Intense Brightening Essence (serum)
  • Why can’t I find Secret White product elsewhere? It was hard to find.
    Because White Secret is a new product. Currently only sold in certain places at special price. Secret White is available in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Pekanbaru, Banjarmasin, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Soon, we will marketed White Secret nationally, so it will be easily found at all Wardah branches and outlets throughout Indonesia.
  • Is the White Secret a new product from Wardah?
    True, White Secret is a new product from Wardah. Because White Secret is still very new, it is currently only sold in certain places at special price. White Secret is specially formulated for modern woman who is very concerned with face treatment.
  • How natural will my make-up be?
    Here’s an easy tips for natural make-up. Use foundation and powder that suits your skin tone. Then use eye shadow with natural color, such as light brown or light cream by using a medium-thick brush. Give a final touch with a nude color lipstick or simply use wondershine or hydrogloss.
  • If I want to do facial at home using a series of Wardah, how is the step?
    The facial steps are: Cleansing (cleaning process). Clean your face with a cleanser that suits with your skin type. Remove the cleanser with a cotton. Exfoliating (peeling process / removal of dead skin cells). Apply Facial Scrub / Peeling Cream on your wet faced, the give a gentle massage in circular motion to lift dirts and dead skin cells. Avoid eye and lip areas. Wait until dry. Remove the scrub / cream with warm washcloth to clean. Relaxing (process of relaxation / massage. Perform a gentle massage with Facial Massage Cream. The massage proposes to relax the face and release the blood circulation in the face. Remove the cream with washcloth. Nurturing (skin tightening and nourishment). Give a proper nutrition to face by applying facial mask mixed with hydrating toner or cold water, then applied evenly to the face. Wait until dry. Remove it with wet washcloth or towel. Refreshing and Conditioning (cooling process / refresher). Rub Hydrating Toner after the masking, or wash face with facial wash then refresh it with hydrating facial toner. Moisturizing-Protecting (moisturizing and skin protection from hazardous sunrays) After cleansing face, give face a protection with moisturizer, and before doing any activity use Sunscreen Gel with SPF 30 to protect skin from hazardous sunrays.
  • What is the difference between Eau de Toilette and Body Mist?
    EDT (Eau de Toilette) contains higher perfume concentration than Body Mist. The scent of EDT is also longer than Body Mist.
  • Why so Wardah Perfume (Eau de Toilette) or Body Mist be foamy when shaken?
    Because, Wardah Perfume or Body Mist is water-based; where there is a mixture / reaction from other ingredients that requires emulsifier (merging water with oil / perfume) it will creates foam. However, this foam will not affect anything.
  • Can a blackened lips back to its original color?
    Yes. Our costumers experience proves Wardah Lipgloss helps restore lips color from the blackened, as long as it used regularly, every morning and night before bed.
  • Can the long term usage of lipstick cause blacken lips?
    Blacken lips caused by imperfect cleansing process on lips. The mistake we often do is to repeat the use of lipstick after lunch or after prayer before we remove the previous lipstick use with Olive Oil or with a soft wet tissues. Do the lipstick only when the lips are already clean and dry. It is best to apply lipgloss in advance to keep the moisture and smoothness of lips. dihapus dulu dengan Olive oil, atau dengan tisu basah yang lembut. Baru setelah bersih dan kering, pulaskan kembali lipstik. Sebaiknya, aplikasikan lipgloss terlebih dulu untuk tetap menjaga kelembaban dan kehalusan bibir.
  • I have droopy eyes. It looks timid. How do I fix this?
    To sharpen your droopy eyes, use black color eyeliner. Brush the eyeliner at lower inside of your eyelid and brush a bolder eyeline at the corner of your eye.
  • How to create a proper make-up for my rounded face?
    Apply the B Series Blush On on your cheek. Brush the blush from the halfway point of ear to the tip of your lips (less than 3 fingers from the lips).
  • What color of Eye Shadow that is suitable for my slanted eyes?
    Use a dark colored eye shadow to rise eyes impression and dimension. You could try G Series Eye Shadow with three brown color combinations: light brown, medium brown and dark brown. The medium brown for your eyelids, the dark brown for the corners of eyes, and the light brown for eyebone (from upper eyelid to eyebrows).
  • How to choose color of make-up for dark skin? What color of blush on that matches and gives face a whiten effect?
    Dark skin tone is an exotic asset! So, do not eliminate the naturality of the skintone, especially when you whiten the skintone by make-up. Make your skin looks shiny and healthy with make-up. Here’s the tips: Simply brush Luminous Face Powder that suits your skintone (choose color 02). Use Eye Shadow in pearlize light brown or gold color for eyelids and Blush On in orange or copper color. Add Lipgloss or Hydrogloss 04 (purplish / plum) to the lips. For evening make-up, try to blend silver and turquoise colors on the eyes (Wardah ES Series E) for glamorous and sparkling look.
  • I frequently feel my lips dried and chapped. As a result, I experience broken-lipstick. How do I fix this?
    To heal the dried lips do regular lip treatment. Use Wardah Pure Olive Oil to lips with a slow rub and clean it with a baby toothbrush (to remove dead skin cells). Do it at least two times a day. During daylight, use lipgloss to moist the lips. Avoid cleaning with unclean hands. Do also inside treatment. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and consume more fruits that contain lots of vitamin C.
  • I have very thin lips. It makes the lipstick look less pretty and brief. How should I do?
    To revamp the very thin lips, use Wardah Wondershine. Its pearlize and glossy effect makes the lips look fuller and beautify the make-up. Try experimenting with bright colors such as red-orange (20, 23, 26, or 34 and 35).
  • I am interested in red or maroon colors. How to wear it yet not looking so striking?
    Dark maroon color might give you a sexy look or a gothic look like a rock singer. The proper use of maroon will effect a right appearance. When you choose a maroon colored lipstick, combine with natural eye make-up.
  • How to tricks the eyes to look expressive?
    For daily make-up, apply thin eye shadow. Next, frame your eye using Wardah black eye liner. Apply at the top and bottom eyeline. Then, apply Wardah Perfect Mascara Long Lash Curling to entire eyelashes. Alternatively, if you in a hurry, applying black eye liner and mascara would do.
  • How do I clean mascara properly?
    Clean the mascara with a special eye cleanser. Apply eye make-up remover with a cotton or soft tissue slowly. Do not rub roughly, it may cause the mascara flakes and slip into your eye. Roughly rubbed your eyes will also make eyelashes fall off easily.
  • How do I apply mascara to have optimal result?
    When the mascara on your lashes has already dried, then you cover it again with another mascara layer, you will have a clumping mascara look. Better find a long-lasting mascara with good brush, so no need to repeat the mascara on the lashes. The clumping mascara might caused by imperfect lashes cleaning. Therefore, a waterproof mascara should be cleaned properly and thoroughly using make-up remover.
  • For a natural blend output on daily use, what color of eye shadow is best matched?
    Wardah Eye Shadow is now available in 14 nice, modern and soft colors. For daily use, we suggest using the ES Series A, F, G or J. A warm amber color gradient is very soft and graceful. Use eye shadow brush to apply one of you favorit color on your eyelid. Apply the dark on the outer corner of the eye and mix it with lighter color to give dimension. Do not forget to highlight the brow bone with the lightest colors. Remember, apply foundation firstly for longer-lasting eye shadow.
  • I want to wear a thin make-up with a little extra color. What should I do to avoid plain face look?
    For a fresh impression, give color to the cheeks with Wardah Blush On, available in 3 dual-tone options. You can apply the colors simultaneously or separately depends on your need. – A Series in a blend of orange-peach-brown color suitable for brown and tan skins – B Series in a blend of dusty pink-light brown color suitable for white skin to look more elegant – C Series in a blend of peach-soft pink color suitable for daily look, going campus or hang out.
  • Why does Wardah mascara occasionally dries quickly / does not easily taken off of the tube?
    Our Mascara uses 3D polymer technology formula, not a water-based or oil-based (non-liquid). To use, firstly move the brush in-and-out of the tube for a few times, so the Polymer expands and ready to be applied.
  • What are the advantages of Wardah Lipstick ?
    a. Exclusive Lipstick, very soft and moist on lips, enriched with high-quality moisturizers: Shea butter, olive oil, squalene and jojoba oil, also vitamin E as anti-oxidant. Very light and comforting lips, non-sticky. b. Matte Lipstick. 1. Soft and mantain moist on lips. 2. Number 01-13, provides semi-matte effect, soft colors, long-lasting. 3. Number 14-20, gives real colors in one stroke, with a true matte finished and long-lasting. 4. Enriched with high-quality moisturizers: squalene, jojoba oil, lanolin and vitamin E. c. Hydrogloss. 1. Soft and moist on lips, with Aloe Vera. 2. Glossy effect, lips look fresh and volumized. 3. Sheer color effect, suitable for natural wet look: moist and fresh lips. 4. Applicable for color mixing for younger and glossy look. 5. The quality is equal to Maybelline Water Shine d. Wondershine. 1. Coloring lips with glossy effect. 2. Creating full lips (volumizing effect). 3. Contains moisturizing squalene and vitamin E. 4. Applicable over lipstick or directly on lips for shiny effect that makes lips fuller and fresh. 5. Light application, very comforting and non-sticky. 6. Comes with transparent color (05), to mix colors and other Wondershine color, with a fresh mint flavor e. Lip Gloss. 1. Effective for treating dry lips and cracked. 2. Extremely soft and moist on lips. 3. Contains extra moisturizers: Squalane, jojoba oil, avocado extract and Allantoin, also Vitamin E as anti-oxidant. 3. Transparent stroke, natural. 4. Light on lips, very comforting. f. Long Lasting Lipstick - a new breakthrough: high matte effect, yet maintains moisture on lips – long-lasting, no dry lips effects - Enriched with moisturizing squalene and jojoba oil
  • What is the difference between regular TWC (green packaging) and Wardah Lightening TWC (blue)?
    TWC (green packaging) is a non-lightening TWC for consumers with no black spots or dull skin problems. TWC non-lightening contains extra moisturizer and vitamin E which makes skin moisted and fresh. While TWC lightening is for consumers who want their skin brighter and offered for them with black spots or dull skin problems. The formula contains licorice extract and UV protection.
  • If I want to go to a party, what kind of foundation best applied for my skin?
    For intending a party, you should choose a creamy foundation because it covers face, hides black spots and acne scars and make your make-up last longer, also your face will look natural. Apply llight beige color for light skin (white and tan), beige color for tan and natural brown skin.
  • I got acne on my skin. Can I use any foundation?
    Well, if it inflamed acne, do not use any foundation. Prior solve your acne problem with Acne Series treatment. However, using foundation for short time period is considered safe, such as going to party or an invitation. Wardah Foundation is safe to use, light formula, easily absorbed, does not cause oily skin because it contains oil control. In addition, you better use UV protection to protect your skin during daytime. But do not forget to clean the make-up immediately when the event/party is over to avoid clogging pores and new acne.
  • I usually use baby powder. I have never tried Compact Powder or Two Way Cake because I worry about irritated faceskin. What should I do?
    Baby powder is not formulated for teenage or adult woman faceskin. In a long period of use, baby powder could make skin dry because of its salicylic acid material. You should try Wardah Skin Powder. It contains microcoated particles and oil control for smoother skin, non-greasy and non-oily. Wardah Skin Powder formula is widely recommended by doctors and dermatologists.
  • How to avoid pale skin and too white skin while using powder / TWC?
    To avoid pale skin look, use foundation and powder properly. You may choose a foundation with the brightest tone from Wardah Natural White Foundation. To make a more natural skin tone, choose darker-colored powder such as Wardah Two Way Cake Lightening Natural (Number 04).
  • How to remove or avoid the heavy and sticky feel of foundation, especially when used on the entire face? It was like wearing a mask and uncomforting.
    Perhaps you use a wrong foundation. Wardah foundation formula is very light, soft and blends well on skin. If you have no skin problem, simply apply foundation on the T area (oil sensitive). Or, use in area that has acne scar or spot or uneven tone skin. A good foundation do not clog pores or effect heavy skin. For normal-to-dry skin, choose Creamy Foundation Luminous. For oily skin, choose the easily absorbed Luminous Liquid Foundation.
  • Using compact powder or loose powder only last for few hours. While Two Way Cake causes a heavy/thick face feeling. So what product should I use?
    Actually, compact powder or loose powder is quite good for normal skin without uneven skin tone problem. It is possible you choose the wrong color of loose powder. Too pinkish tone on brown skin may causes darker skin look. While too creamy / oily two way cake, may causes thick face feeling. Try using a little foundation as your make-up. It covers the nuisance on face and makes your skin fresher with natural glow. Our advice, try Luminous Liquid Foundation in beige color for a natural look, then brush Loose powder on your face.
  • Some said that if we rubbed a golden ring to a Mercury-contained powder (or other heavy metal-contained), the ring turned black. Is it true?
    This needs to be clarified. there are comments from the public that we could test whether a cosmetics contains Mercury or not by rubbing gold ring into powder, then the ring turns black. It also refers to Wardah powder. First of all, this an unconsistent incident, Because there is also testimonials from Wardah consumers said the opposite: the ring stays on color. Secondly, based in pharmaceutical consultant, this kind of test is inaccurate and invalid, no scientific basis. We better refer to the certification of FDA Indonesia, since the FDA has already lab-tested all the raw materials, and only proven safe use is allowed on the market. It is impossible that Wardah cosmetics use unsafe materials such as Mercury. Wardah also avoids using any materials that has been prohibited overseas.
  • What is the advantage of Wardah TWC?
    In developing Two Way Cake formula, Wardah uses 100% imported raw materials from France, USA, Japan, Germany and South Korea. The raw materials on Wardah Two Way Cake has been used by almost entire Global Cosmetic Brand and International Brand (where their prices are much higher than Wardah).
  • Do we only use Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package for 25 days (or 40 days) in the Holyland journey?
    Wardah Hajj & Umrah Package is only used when doing ihram, because it contains no perfume. For ihram purposes, the package is more than enough. However, it will not enough for 40 days usage (except for Moist Plus+). It is recommended to bring along a regular Wardah product (containing perfume) to be used while not doing berihram. When not doing ihram, you could use: - TWC / Compact powder / loose powder – natural color Lipstick / non-glossy - Hydrogloss – Face or body cleanser, shampoo, lotion and other body care containing perfume. The important thing is to make sure all the products you use is Halal.
  • What products should always be carried in a bag in the holy land tenteng for?
    1. Moist Plus+: to prevent dry lips, apply at anytime. 2. Sunscreen Gel SPF 30: always in the bag for anytime use. 3. Relaxing Therapy Oil, always in the bag for anytime use, prevents dizziness, nausea and cold. 4. Spray Bottle: many functions, as drinking bottles, as face sprayer if the weather is very hot or dry, or for ablution emergency.
  • What is the difference and when do we use Intensive Moisturizer Cream, Moist Plus+ and Sunscreen Gel?
    Always use Intensive Moisturizer Cream, good to use in the morning / afternoon / evening, apply it on face, hands and feet. Remember, men also need moisturizers (not only women), especially when doing Ihram due to wear a piece of cloth that exposes arms and back. If your activity directly exposed on sunlight, use sunscreen SPF 30 Gel. For treatment of lips, chapped heels and dry elbows or skin, use Moist Plus+.
  • What kind of SPF to protect skin from the sun while in the Holy Land?
    The higher level of an SPF, the longer protection provides for our skin. However, too high SPF level might cause skin irritant on sensitive skin. Therefore, choose an SPF with proper level to protect your skin during outdoor activities when the sun is very hot (at 10:00 am to 16.00 pm). The perfect product is Wardah Sunscreen SPF 30 in light formula, non-sticky and easily absorbed.
  • How to solve cracked lips and chapped heels problems?
    Apply Wardah Moist Plus+ on lips and heels. Wardah Moist Plus+ contains beeswax and Petroleum Jelly that is proven to moisturize and to maintain skin elasticity, enriched with Vitamin E as anti-oxidant. Within regular use, lips, elbows and heels will always be moist and anti-crack.
  • How many time should we bath during Ihram? Does too many bath cause dry skin?
    It is recommended to take bath two times a day for skin health. However, in an emergency situation such as when doing Wukuf in Arafat and Mabit time in Mina, you got only 1 time bath/shower due to limited toilet facilities. Therefore we need a practical yet soothing product: If you had no time to bath/shower, wash your face at least 3 times a day. Use proper soap to maintain skin moisture. The practical Wardah Head To Toe Clenser is the perfect one. All-purpose liquid cleanser to clean skin, body and hair while maintaining moisture.
  • What kind of treatment should be prepare to keep skin healthy and not dry during the Holy Land journey?
    Do the same treatment as you do in Indonesia, but use product that is specifically formulated for very hot and dry climate, one that contains extra moisturizers, anti-oxidants and certainly enough SPF. Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package contains the quality products of Wardah with high moisture content.
  • What will happen if we do not treat our skin properly during in the Holy Land?
    The general symptoms are: 1. Dry skin: skin is dry when touched, less supple, looks dull, may have scaly, stinging / itchy. 2. Redness and blackened skin: unprotected skin overexposed by the sun. 3. Chapped skin: yet get bleeding, generally occurs on lips, elbows and heels
  • Why our skin becomes more sensitive when in the Holy Land?
    Due to extreme climate. At night, the temperature can be very cold and very hot during daytime. The air is very dry air, so you will need a moisturizer. At daytime, the climate is very hot, so you will need a sunscreen. The climate and air condition are very different from Indonesia which has a fairly high air humidity. The differences in climate makes our skin becomes more sensitive and truly needs a treatment.
  • Is Wardah product suitable for extreme condition in Mecca?
    Wardah product is pharmaceutical verified, proven potent and effective, good for skin treatment in the Holy Land, because: 1. Specially-formulated to suit the conditions in the Holy Land. 2. Very rich in moisturizers (shea butter, Pro Vitamin B5, Beeswax and Olive oil) and anti-oxidants (Vitamin E). 3. Its cleanser product uses mild-surfactants, a non-soap formula, cleans skin and maintains moist. Does not contain any detergent or soap that cause irritation / dry skin.ardah sudah terbukti ampuh dan terasa khasiatnya di Tanah Suci karena: 1. Diformulasikan khusus sesuai kondisi di tanah suci 2. Produknya kaya akan moisturizer (Shea butter, Pro Vitamin B5, Beeswax, dan Olive oil) serta Antioksidan (Vitamin E). 3. Produk pembersihnya menggunakan mild surfactant, Non-Soap Formula, yang membersihkan tetapi tetap menjaga kelemban kulit. Tidak mengandung deterjen ataupun sabun yang dapat mengakibatkan iritasi/kulit kering.
  • Is Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package valid for ablution?
    Yes, it is valid. Because: 1. All of the raw materials and the manufacturing process is proven Halal. 2. The product does not block water on / into skin.
  • What are the features of Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package?
    1. Practical and complete, contains all the necessary treatment in the Holy Land, in one bag, equipped with Hajj and Umrah guide book, comes handy in multipurpose bag. 2. Guaranteed halal and safe. 3. Non-alcoholic and non-perfume, required for doing ihram. 4. Quality products with best materials. 5. Convenient to use.
  • What products are in the Hajj Package?
    a. All-purpose cleanser (Head To Toe Clenser) for hairwash, bath / shower and washes face without making the skin and hair dry. b. Moisturizer for face and body (Intensive Moisturizer Cream) c. Sunscreen with SPF 30 (Sunscreen Gel SPF 30) d. All-purpose cream (Moist Plus) for chapped heels and dry lips. e. Deodorant (All Day Protection). f. Warm rubbing oils (Relaxing Therapy Oil). g. Pure olive oil. h. Toothpaste (a Zaki toothpaste). All products in Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package are non-perfume and non-alcoholic.
  • What are the features of Wardah Hajj and Umrah Package?
    1. Practical and complete, contains all the necessary treatment in the Holy Land, in one bag, equipped with Hajj and Umrah guide book, comes handy in multipurpose bag. 2. Guaranteed halal and safe. 3. Non-alcoholic and non-perfume, required for doing ihram. 4. Quality products with best materials. 5. Convenient to use.
  • Why is Wardah Roll On more expensive than famous brands
    Now, Wardah Roll On comes in advance and perfected formula. Prove it yourself. It is soft, quick dry and does not leave white mark white / yellowish stain on the fabric.
  • I routinely use a hand & body lotion to keep the moisture and smoothness of skin. Is that enough or should I add another treatment product?
    The Health and smoothness of skin need to be maintained. Besides routinely take bath / shower two time a day, we should do an additional routine treatment. Yet, using hand & body lotion is not enough. Do scrubbing and massage with Olive Oil Soft Scrub once every two days or at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and refresh the skin. For the most dry skin, such as elbows and heels, apply Pure Olive Oil before bed.
  • Why I feel a bit slippery-skin after using Olive Soft Scrub though already rinsed repeatedly?
    The sleepery / slick skin feel indicates that skin is in moisturized conditions, though we do scrubbing with the product. In most other products, skin will definitely feels rough / coarse, yet is was thought as clean skin effect. In fact, the rough feels on skin is not necessarily signified as cleaned skin. It signifies the loss of moisture in the surface layers of the skin. If we use daily, our skin will become dry.
  • Is Wardah Olive Soft Scrub similar to general bath scrub products? What is the advantage of Wardah Olive Soft Scrub?
    No. Wardah Olive Soft Scrub has different formula and better in quality than general bath scrub products. Wardah Olive Soft Scrub contains more moisturizing and has no rough or dry skin effect. Also applicable for facial massage. Feel the different sensation at once. More moist and smoother skin.
  • Is Wardah Pure Olive Oil really made from virgin olive oil?
    Yes. Wardah Pure Olive Oil is made from virgin olive oil that is very good to moisturize and to soften skin.
  • Can Olive Oil be applied to baby?
    Yes. Use the Pure Olive Oil. Do not rub to around eyes, nose and mouth. Pure Olive Oil contains perfume. Make a test whether it is proper for the baby or not.
  • Adding a moisturizer to acne prome skin will generate more acne. Is it true?
    In fact, acne prone skin needs moisturizer. Acne medications are generally dry out the skin. Moisture is very important to avoid dry skin. Choose Acne Gel Moisturizer that contains anti-bacterial, salycilic acid, oil-free and specifically-formulated for acne prone skin.
  • Adding a moisturizer to acne prome skin will generate more acne. Is it true?
    Do not hesitate to use moisturizer to the skin with acne problem. The use of acne medications tend to dry the skin. Moisturizer will balance the moist on skin, so the skin does not dry. Choose the right moisturizer, choose gel moisturizer (waterbased moisturizer).
  • Should I apply Lightening Day Cream / Night Cream after using acne treatment?
    You should not. First, cure the acne, then use Lightening Night Cream.
  • Should the cystic and festering acne use acne treatment?
    Cystic and festering acne are severe skin problem, need special treatment. The consumer should prior consult to a dermatologist to get substantial treatment according to the type of acne.
  • Should the acne gentle facial scrub be used everyday?
    Using Acne Gentel Facial Scrub in daily basis will cause irritated skin. Use Acne facial scrub gentle every 2 days.
  • Should pimpless oily skin use Acne Series product?
    Do use Acne Series product to oily skin although it has no acne yet. In general, oily skin is prone to acne. Acne Series adepts to prevent acne surfacing. Acne Series contents Zinc Gluconate (blocking oil excess) and Triclosan (anti-bacteria).
  • Wardah Acne Series has a scrub product. Isn’t skin with acne should not use scrub?
    Wardah Acne Series is created and has been studied comprehensively. The scrub in Acne Series is still necessary. The scrub works to remove dead skin cells and dirt clogged in the pores. Use this scrub only 1 time every two days. Many well-known international brands put scrubs amongst their anti-acne treatment series.
  • Why choose a moisturizer from Wardah Acne Series?
    Wardah Acne Perfecting Moisturizer is the best moisturizer for acne treatment category. It contains anti-bacterial, oil control and SPF 18. A unique anti-acne moisturizer with high SPF. Just try and compare it with other products.
  • Why does the Acne Series not include milk cleanser / cleansing milk?
    In general, acne resurfacing occurs at age 15-35 years, an active period for women. To simplify their time in cleansing and treating the face, the cleaning part can be done directly by using Acne Cleansing Gel. If you prefer to use milk cleanser or cleansing milk, use Cleanser for Normal To Oily skin.
  • Why there was no changing after using Acne Series?
    First, make sure again whether you have already used all the range of product. Because, there are customers who use only moisturizing instead of Acne Series. Make sure that you use gel moisturizing, not lotion or cream. Make sure all the treatment product used are the proper ones. When consumers has confirmed using the entire Acne product and there is no change, please use acne product with higher concentration of active ingredient and seek for doctor's supervision. Be concerned about food and lifestyle, avoid oily foods and wash your face regularly.
  • I am married, I am 25 years old. I often use facial bleach. But recently I feel my faceskin got thinning and had red line marks. How do I heal this?
    Skin thinning is usually caused by excessive skin exfoliation process that activated by incorrect whitening product you are using. We recommend to do these: a. Use Wardah Pure Olive Oil at night to moisturize and restore skin elasticity. Olive Oil is a natural product to produce elastic skin. b. Use Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF-30 in the morning to protect skin from sun rays (UV-A and UV-B). c. Do not forget to use physical protection (such as umbrella, hat or sunglasses) to avoid direct sunlight.
  • I am 21 years old. I suffer dry and pimpled face, and brown spots popping around the cheeks. I've been doing treatments but none had optimal results. Some friends advice me to use sunblock and foundation. Is that the right advice?
    The first thing to do is solving the acne problem. We suggest you to use Wardah Acne Series on regular basis, which consists of acne cleansing gel, acne gentle scrub, pore tightening toner, acne perfecting moisturizer gel and acne treatment gel. You may use foundation, but should be cleansed immediately afterwards to prevent pore clogging that can cause acne. Always use sunblock to protect skin from hazardous sunrays. For the of black / brown spots, most likely it's not a pigmentation process, but acne scars (commonly at young age). Do not worry, it can be removed by scrubbing with Acne Series regularly (every two days).
  • Do we use Lightening Night Cream only for evening make-up or before bed?
    or best result, apply Lightening Night Cream just before bed, of course, after face cleansing. Apply evenly to face and neck with soft massage (remember, avoid contact with eyes and lips). If you had an activity in the evening, simply apply a regular moisturizer or directly liquid foundation before wearing make-up. Lightening Night Cream is more effective to use before bed, because the active ingredients work best when skin is at rest.
  • My face is slightly pimpled. May I use foundation and Lightening Two Way Cake powder?
    For acne-prone skin or oily face, we suggest to use a liquid foundation Luminous Foundation that quickly absorbed and non-oily affect. You may use Lightening TWC. But if there is an acne inflamation on face (reddened), you should prior use Luminous Face Powder from Acne Series. Most importantly, always cleanse your face properly after doing activities. Uncleaned or unproperly cleaned will cause acne or blackheads.
  • The brochure said there are 2 steps on Whitening product, yet there are morning and night cream in every step. What does it mean? What should I use
    Yes, there are 2 steps on Wardah Whitening product, each consists of a lightening day cream (morning) and a ligthening night cream. Lightening step 1 is formulated for beginner user of skin lightening product (first-timer). Lightening step 2 is formulated for those who had previously used other lightening product and wish to switch and to use Wardah product. Why 2 steps? Wardah lightening product contains active ingredients: AHA that helps boost skin cells rejuvenation. In step 1, the AHA consentration is 2%, while in step 2 is 4%. When the using of Step 1 is completed / over (approx. 1 month use), you continues the enlightment process with Step 2. Each step has a morning and a night creams. Morning cream serves as a moisturizing cream and uv protection, while night cream for the skin cells treatment and exfoliation process. Use both creams for optimal result. Wardah Lightening Series also includes cleansing milk, toner, body lotion, scrub, masker and powder (TWC). For maximum bright skin result, please use entire series. Lightening Face Mask is used once a week, while Lightening Facial Scrub is used every 2 days.
  • Can I use Sunscreen Gel and LDC step 2 simultaneously?
    You can. But first, wait for 15 minutes as the cream absorbed perfectly into skin.
  • Why skin becomes dark after using Sunscreen Gel?
    This should not be happened. Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 is an effective protection against the negative effects of sunlight. If you have used Lightening Day Cream regularly, then chances are you will feel a bit uncommon, because the sunscreen gel SPF 30 does not contain licorice extract and AHA that helps exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Which gets more rapid healing of spots: white skin or dark skin?
    It’s tentative. Depends on the condition of skin pigment, respectively.
  • I had previously been using whitening products and the results have been good. But I fear for product dependency. Then I want to switch to Wardah. What kind of Wardah product I should use that won’t cause negative impact on my skin?
    We have to know how long you have been using that product and how long you have stopped using it. The withdrawal of using some whitening products might cause rebound effect; the skin gets darker, back to original tone. If the withdrawal is recent, you should revitalizes your faceskin by using Wardah Intensive Night Cream and protect the skin with Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 (for daytime). After that, you can immediately use Wardah Lightening Day and Night Cream Step 2.
  • How long for the skin to turn white / get brighter by using Wardah Lightening Series?
    In about 30 days, skin gets brighter and looks healthier (supple and moist). Human skin experiences a cell replacement cycle after 28 days. It is not recommended to use whitening product that turns skin whitened in a week, because of its severe course effect and commonly contained hazardous materials. It is important to know that our skin can only be brightened / whitened into white as 'the most white skin on our bodies' (e.g. skin on thighs, on forearm). It is also not recommended to use whitening product that whitens skin 'whiter than the most white skin on our bodies', it is suspected of using hazardous materials.
  • Is it safe applying Lightening Day / Night Cream around eyes?
    Do not apply skin lightening product in sensitive areas such as around eyes and mouth. Use Pure Olive Oil for those areas.
  • Can whitening product enlarge face pores?
    According to a research, all materials used in Wardah Lightening Series do not affect to pores enlargement.
  • If face has been exposed to lightening product that contains mercury or hydroquinone, will it gets better by using Wardah product?
    Using lightening product that contains mercury or hydroquinone can cause damaged skin. Stop using it immediately. The withdrawal may cause rebound effect such as reappearing of black spots on skin. If it so, do not reuse the product. You must stop the dependency of improper product, because it may cause skin cancer. Moreover, the white effect is an unnatural beauty, causing fragile and unhealthy skin. For your skin health, discontinue it and use Wardah cosmetics. Begin with Intensive Night Cream for 30 days to revitalize skin, Pure Olive Oil for daily rub and use Sunscreen SPF 30 during daytime. The skin will slowly recover. Then continue with Lightening Series Step 2. But if the skin has permanently damaged, you need to see a doctor.
  • I stop using whitening cream and replace with Lightening Series, but my skin mutated with black spots. How can it be?
    Wardah Lightening Series acts to whiten and brighten skin, not the opposite. The case is probably an indication of rebound effect (blackened skin) caused by previous usage of high-formulated cream that contained hydroquinone.
  • Are the Lightening Day Cream and Night Cream suitable for acne prone skin
    Do not use Lightening product on inflamming acne. Firstly reduce / cure the acne, then use Acne Series. By using Lightening Series, all acne scars will be replaced with new skin cells.
  • When using Lightening Day Cream, face becomes easily sweaty and broken / faded powder. Why?
    Read the instruction correctly. First, make sure the face is clean. Apply a thin layer cream evenly on face, wait for 10-15 minutes to be absorbed. Do not apply too much cream on face. Use powder, then apply TWC. If use foundation, use before powder. The skin becomes easily sweaty because it covered with rich moisturizing cream, this condition may occur in a very oily skin. Do not worry, it does not cause acne. Absorb the moisture excess with powder.
  • I have used whitening products and the results was good. But I fear for product dependency. Then I switch to Wardah. But instead of getting white, my skin turns dull and spotty. Why?
    Once again. You probably used a harsh whitening product that contains Hydroquinon or Mercury. Black spots is an indication of rebound effect (darken skin) due to a withdrawal of product dependency. If you regularly and patiently use Wardah White, your skin will be brighter and healthier, overcoming the rebound effect.
  • How should I treat my dull face
    Use Lightening Series face treatment, a set of cleanser, toner, Lightening gentle wash and moisturizer. Use Wardah Lightening Day Cream for daytime and Wardah Lightening Night Cream for night. Uses regularly to solve dull skin problem.
  • Should I use warm water or cold water to wash face?
    Cold water. Although it is occasionally easier to remove dirt using warm water, actually high temperature can slowly damage the protective layer of the skin. Use cold water to clean and protect your face.
  • How many times should I wash my face?
    In general, for normal and dry skin, wash your face 1-2 times a day. For oily skin, not more than 3 times a day. Although the face becomes very oily during daytime, simply cleanse with water. For sensitive skin, wash your face 2 times a day maximum.
  • What is the difference between peeling cream and facial scrub?
    Peeling cream is a special cream for face peeling, with slightly larger granular than facial scrub. It accelerates exfoliation / peeling process and effective to help cell rejuvenation. Use once a week for facial. Facial scrub contains more gentle scrubbing granule. Use every 2 days. Both contain scrubs.
  • What is the difference between Wardah New Facial Scrub and Wardah Lightening Facial Scrub?
    Wardah new facial scrub is a non-lightening formulation with pH balanced that suitable for those who dislike lightening product. It acts as cleanser and moisturizer.
  • How long should I apply cleanser or facial wash in every cleaning?
    Let the cleanser for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Remember, rubbing the face excessively can affect more dry skin.
  • I have a combination skin, dry in cheeks and pimpled and blackheads in T area. I work indoor but on beach area. So, I use sunscreen gel everyday. Lately, my cheeks look really dry? Do I need to use moisturizer? Cream or lotion one?
    There are many factors that effect your dry cheeks skin. The environment situation, the weather condition (hotter or dryer), pollution level and hormones effect. To anticipate dry skin problem, it is recommended to use a moisturizer cream before using the sunscreen gel. Let the moisturizer cream until dry, then apply sunscreen gel. If the skin has returned to normal, you can only use a sunscreen or a moisturizer cream gel (for indoor activities). Do not forget, for night treatment use Intensive Night Cream that contains Microcollagen restoring skin elasticity, also contains a good and natural moisturizer Olive Oil. Guaranteed, in the next morning, your skin feels more supple and moist.
  • On Sunscreen Gel packaging written *in vitro testing, what does it mean?
    In vitro testing means the product has passed the lab-test (in vitro = lab). The FDA policy stated that SPF product should qualify this in vitro testing.
  • I work in a fully air-conditioned room, so the skin gets really dry. Before go working, I always apply a facial moisturizer. However, it seems no effect. My face remains dry and dull. What products are suitable for me?
    For dry skin treatment, a moisturizer is insufficient. You should have all-in-one treatment, to cleanse, moisturize, protect, care for and nourish the skin with the right products. For dry skin, try Cleanser Normal To Dry and Hydrating Toner Normal To Dry from Wardah. Both contain extracts of Chamomile and Aloe vera, also vitamin E as an anti-oxidant. Once clean, apply Moisturizer Cream and Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 when you go outdoors. Afterwards, apply a TWC or powder. At night, do the same cleansing process. Plus, use Wardah Intensive Night Cream that proven to soften and to provide moist and supple skin in the next morning. For eyes and lips areas, use Olive oil. Do not forget to do scrubbing and masking on a regular basis.
  • Can the Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 be used for pimpled face?
    Yes, SPF 30 applicable for pimpled / acne face. It is best to use Acne Perfecting Moisturizer Gel. This moisturizers contains sunscreen and Triclosan (anti-bacteria).
  • Some said that moisturizer will clog the pore. Is it true?
    Moisturizer do not clog the pore. In contrary, moisturizer contains water that moisten and treat pore. Moisturizer restrains oil production of skin, results tight pores, prevents any surfacing blackheads and acne. We live in the tropical area with very high humidity levels. High humidity means higher evaporation process, makes skin dry faster. In this condition, it is necessary to use a moisturizer regularly.
  • Why must the skin be moisturized?
    Natural skin moisturizer only lasted for 3 hours after we cleanse the skin with water. Our skin needs aid to maintain its humidity. This natural condition applies to all skin types, including oily skin. Moisturizer acts to maintain water level under the skin. Moisturizer acts to rehydrate skin, attaching water molecules and preventing oil excess.
  • Why is there any gel form on sunscreen?
    Gel is an oil-free form that has no effect of resurfacing acne. It is light and soft on face. Though most sunscreen product is oily, the gel sunscreen is considered the most effective.
  • Does SPF 30 provides double protection than SPF 15?
    Yes it does! SPF 15 protects skin from about 95% of UV-B rays, while SPF 30 protects skin approximately 98% of UV-B rays. It is the multiply result between the level of SPF and the time takes to burn skin (without sunscreen) is equal to the duration of sunscreen protection on skin. For example: If the skin (without sunscreen) begins to burn after 10 minutes, after using the product of SPF 15, you get 150 minutes of skin protection against the sun. We would like to alert consumers the dangers of the sunray and important use of higher SPF.
  • What type of SPF recommended by dermatologists?
    For Asian people, the experts recommend a sunscreen with SPF 30.
  • What is the meaning of SPF?
    SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The definition of factor is a number use to be multiplied by another number. In this case, it is the total time your skin tolerate to the sunray before your skin starts to burn. If your skin begins to burn after 20 minutes, then using the product SPF 2, you can bask two times longer: 40 minutes.
  • For oily skin, using cleansing milk is not recommended because it can increase the level of oil on face. Is this true?
    Not true. Oily skin will become more greasy if not diligently cleaned. In fact, cleaning the skin using cleansing milk is the most effective way to remove dirt, oil soluble and water soluble dirt, because cleansing milk is an emulsion formula. Wardah Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin is a cleansing milk specially for normal-to-oily skin that contains substances that can tighten / shrink the pore.
  • Recommended to use Facial Scrub every 2 days. Why not use every day?
    Using Facial Scrub once a day is an excessive, it might cause irritated skin / sensitive skin. Although Wardah scrub product is a soft formula, it should not be used excessively.
  • Is it true that plain water can replace a refresher to tighten the pores?
    Yes it is, but try cold water. But plain water is not enough. Use the water-based Wardah Hydrating Toner that helps to recondition the skin: Normal to Dry Hydrating Toner contains extracts of Chamomile and Aloe Vera, also Vitamin E. Normal to Oily Hydrating Toner contains extracts of Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, also Vitamin E.
  • Why is Wardah Facial Wash not rough?
    Wardah Facial Wash is a different concept. Most of brands use soap formulation with a high pH, while Wardah use mild surfactant with a pH balance that proper to skin. Advanced formulation, using exclusive materials, and softer, maintaining moist on skin. Widely used by dermatologists.
  • Is it possible if a wedding bride using Wardah cosmetics?
    Wardah Cosmetic has been used several times by make-up artists for bridal seminars, and the result is very satisfactory. The make-up artists emphasize the quality of waterproof Wardah Foundation, smooth and natural powder yet still cover and long-lasting, and the elegant and variety colors of eye shadow and blush on. Whether to use for outdoor photoshooting or indoor performance, Wardah make-up attached well, light and smooth on skin, though the bride was sweating. There will be no oily face for the bride, very comforting. Zaskia Mecca is one of the public figure who used Wardah make-up, she was fully used Wardah make-up on her wedding day. In April 2009, Wardah was awarded three MURI Records: The Organizer of Nusantara Wedding Make-up Modification with the Most Capacity, The Organizer of Supporting Wedding Make-up Modification with the Most Participants and The Organizer of Kraton Nusantara Brides Parade with the Most Couples.
  • Does the professional make-up artist uses Wardah?
    Many TV stations use Wardah make-up and notice that Wardah make-up is soft on skin with modern colors. Lots of presenters have praised the quality and availability of Wardah cosmetic.
  • What are the products of Wardah?
    Wardah product is very complete: 1. Skin Care Basic Series Lightening Series Acne Series Natural Series Personal Care Hajj & Umrah Package 2. Make Up - Base Make Up - Decorative Make Up 3. Fragrance
  • Is Wardah product high quality?
    Yes, Wardah product is high-quality product with global cosmetic standards. All wardah products are formulated with: Research conducted by pharmaceutical experts and experienced scientists. Always refers to the international standard formulation. The materials used are international quality standards, nearly 90% of Wardah cosmetic materials are imported from countries: France, USA, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, England and Germany. All materials used are certified: safety and halal. Not contains any prohibited or dangerous materials such as Mercury, Hydroquinone, Tritenoin, Retinoic Acid, Formaldehyde, etc. In selecting materials, Wardah always use materials from verified global suppliers, where the suppliers are also the global cosmetics brands.